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A very simplistic and easy to use system that imports your custom measurements to produce an easy to follow step by step, point to point instruction set with diagrams, that teaches you to construct your basic blocks either in adobe Illustrator or on pattern paper, with no prior knowledge of pattern cutting techniques. Take a look at our overview above or watch the individual tutorials below to see how you can produce your own custom sized basic blocks, for personal or client Use.


  1. Hi thanks for the tutorials, these are great!

    Was wondering if you had anything for childrenwear as well as the womenswear and menswear blocks?

  2. hi, love your site. I am a newbie in pattern making(have used commercial).
    QUICK QUESTION PLEASE! I am actually opposite to most crafters.. or fashion designers(generalization_ no harm intended:)_
    Do u have any tips or resources you could point me to – where i can learn the actual MATHEMATICAL formulas and relations to pattern drafting?
    I am actually more of a math person , say, then that of artist of any sort. I HAVE READ TRADITIONAL PATTERN DRAFTING BOOKS AND PATTERN DRAFTING SOFTWARES. But i am one of those who is bad at following step by step directions(not my forte).
    Assuming all these softwares are using vector relations to convert these patterns, i am sure there is more math based explanation of pattern drafting…. but i cant seem to find any.
    based on my understanding, it involves trigs and geometry(obviously) and some aspects of multivariable calculus(VECTOR0 and topology(?).
    ie. dart- based on trigs and some derivitives(TO FIND MAX /MIN for the say the highest point on the z- plane…

    I DONT MEAN TO SOUND DRY_ BUT I REALLY AM JUST ONE OF THOSe who can do certain complaex stuff and not able to do simpler things..

    ANy advice tips and direction in which you can point me to- say – for math relationship of pattern drafting (even if it’s only on just SLOPERS-it’s fine)? I don’t mean those simple math info tutorials- i.e. multiply by K HERE AND DIVIDE BY H HERE.
    i guess what i am asking for is overall conceptual/concrete mathmatical relationships explaining the drafting of sewing patterns.

    I am not too advanced in math to decipher by myself. I have reviewed the golden ratio and etc but kind of lost. thanks.

  3. Hey. I am wondering if I can use this for menwear? Do I need different patterns for menswear?

  4. Hello,

    great conept! Thanks soooo much for thins. I am allergic to math so this is a great help. I just have one question. I don’t know how to figure out the folowing measurements becuase they are not indicated in the awesome graphic that your provided. Could you please help me?
    Body rise, curtch lenght and trunk lenght.



  5. Cool post, thank you for the info – I dont really ever post on these thingy’s but enjoyed the info. Awesome stuff!, I bookmarked your blog!


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