This culotte sewing pattern is yet another modern take on the 1950’s high-waisted, button-front, style. They look fantastic on, but you’ve got to have the right shape! These culottes were tailor-made for a friend who loved the 1950’s look and they are made for her specific measurements. So unless you are very lucky and they fit you perfectly – you will need to alter this pattern. I recommend making a toile in calico and reducing or enlarging your pattern around the Hip waist and rib cage to create a tailored fit. I suggest using a structural material such as cotton drill denim to get a really supportive fit and a sharp edgy culotte leg.
good luck, It’s tricky a pattern – but well worth it!

Saved as a full-scale multipage PDF sewing pattern in both US letter size and A4.
This pattern is completely free to download and use for both personal and commercial use. Since the pattern is free and does not feature an instruction set or any size other than a UK8.

Waist: 68cm  |  Hip: 92cm



  1. Good evening,
    I’m doing the Helena Culottes, but there some obscure points for me:
    I do not get to use the “fly panel”, there are two at right and that only one left ….
    if I understand they will be superimposed upon closing of the pants, but how it will stay close?
    thank you in advance for your response
    (I’m a little frenchy so google translation)

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