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Now we’ve finished coloring up the collection, we are ready to start construction (how exciting!), unfortunately, I can’t show you too much construction work, but stay tuned for features and more.

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  1. OMG this tutorial is soooo cooool i looove it!!!!!!

    my only one problem is i dont have a İlustrater can i do all these things also in normal Photoshop like doing patterns ect..

    i have to say İ totally loove your tutourials and i am watcing them over and over again because i wanna be a Designer also and you are really inspiring me and motivating me to push me further!!!!

    do you have anything like skype or Msn???
    i would like to saty in touch with you because i havee soooo many question hahahaha 🙂

    i am staying tuned for your new tutourials and videos !!!!!

    i loooove them alll 🙂

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