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This is part one in a series of tutorials on creating your own custom fashion templates. I show you how to utilize magazine and web imagery to create your own fashion or model templates and import them into Adobe Illustrator – allowing you to design quickly and effortlessly.


  1. you are so talented and your tutorials are great. i am a big fan 🙂 keep on the good word (did you set the typing to all bold and capital by default in the comment box? )

  2. Ralph your tutorials are fantastic and the best i’ve seen on the web. so nice to have a london designer post tutorials rather than american it makes it more real and closer to home. Your tutorials have helped me so much, i am currently upgrading my skills in order to get back into the fashion industry after a long period of illness. ….please please post the next fashion illustration tutorial……!!!!!!!!!.

    i wish you every success with your business your a talented guy……..keep going……..dont give up!!!!


  3. hi 🙂 thank YOU to share your ınfos wıth us 🙂 you re so cute and thank you agaın 🙂 waıtın moreeeeee 🙂

  4. I agree with Resartus! But I also have to say congratulations on your decision to quit your job and go with your own business and taking time to teach to other what you do! I am experienced fashion designer I need it help cading in photoshop and found you in Excellent work! I hope you keep doing these cad fashion illustration videos. eSpecially photoshop. I am pretty good with illustrator and have learned some tricks with your videos to work with both programs. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Totally agree with Retasaurus, exactly what I was going to say.

  6. Ralph is the only one on the net pioneering open-source in the fashion world. he’s on the cutting edge and I hope he makes tons of money when the pattern website gets going in february. I will be one of the first customers. WHat he’s doing here, sharing all this information for free, is revolutionary. we are greatful, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Resartus! Glad your enjoying the site… Thank you for your many comments they are all really appreciated and good advice, i’m sorry to everyone who has commented over the last couple of weeks, I have been so busy with the new site it has been hard to reply to everyone.
      Keep watching and commenting, brings a smile to my face everytime.

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