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This tutorial is an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Fashion Illustration. It shows you how to create a basic garment illustration from a template or hand-drawn sketch. This video also includes a quick introduction to using layers and adding texture to create a more dynamic illustration.


  1. omg where were you when i needed you a couple years ago. still you’ve taught m things I hadn’t known still

  2. thanks for the tutorials, cant get enough of them.

  3. So obviously this is a newbie question… but how did you preset the pen tool so that it selects different sections of your garment to change the stroke? 9:54 sec in the video you start stroking the garment and my lines are DEFINITELY not like yours! so how do Isolate my bits and bobs with my outline? thanks for the tutorials <3 u!

  4. HI ralph i am a new self trained designer who wants to convert my hand drawings into CADS…. my question is do i need a basic template of dress, shirt, pants, etc. in order to draw my CAD my designs?

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