I love this pattern, it’s so versatile and simple to construct – everyone should have a Kimono. Why not construct this kimono in a sumptuous thick satin or a heavy brocaded silk. Use it as a blank canvas and embroider or embellish it all over with beads and sequins – an homage to its oriental heritage. Or, try using a sheer, semi-transparent, soft silk, to create layers of undulating folds and texture perfect for the boudoir.

Saved as a full-scale multipage PDF sewing pattern in both US letter size and A4.
This pattern is completely free to download and use for both personal and commercial use. Since the pattern is free and does not feature an instruction set or any size other than a UK 6-14.



  1. Oh, I found out – you just click on the image and it downloads a zip file with the pattern and instructions 🙂 I read the printing instructions but I still couldn’t work out how to print the pattern pieces :-/

  2. Yes,this looks great but where is the pattern/ how do I get the pattern?


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