The Ellsa swimsuit sewing pattern is a lovely example of vintage swimwear – with its long-line torso and low rise hip. It’s a great starting point for a range of vintage styles. Try adding ruffles to the hips or a thin belt to the waist, to create a really iconic look. This swimsuit also features a semi-seamless front bodice with two classic darts at the bust to control shape and fit. Why not try experimenting with coloured paneling by slashing and adding seams to the front and back bodice.

Saved as a full-scale multipage PDF sewing pattern in both US letter size and A4. This sewing pattern is completely free to download and use for both personal and commercial use. Since the pattern is free and does not feature an instruction set or any size other than a UK8.

89cm  |  Waist: 68cm  |  Hip: 92cm

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