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Learn how to make a gorgeous Couture corset from scratch using my free, full size, download-able pattern. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro! This tutorial includes tips, tricks & techniques to make your corset look amazing!


  1. LOve the tutorials!
    Might be slightly off topic, but
    What are you using for an iron cover?

  2. hi ralph, i’m grateful to find your tutorial. i’ve been doing corset for my lingerie project for now and i have to do research by myself. your video give clear explanation, lots of useful information that i can’t get even from my teacher πŸ™‚ i realized that the corset you made in this video is more like fashion corset- not lingerie. i have follow most of your instruction for the corset..but i wonder for lingerie corset, what should i use for lining? since i wil be using delicate fabric, i don’t think coutil would be appropriate.. thank you πŸ™‚ much love from australia!

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